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Your 2024 Spring Cleaning Lawn Checklist

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Looking forward to the return of spring?

Do you have a plan for bringing your lawn up to snuff?

Spring is almost here, which means more time outdoors enjoying cookouts, backyard games, and other fair-weather activities.

But before you can revel in all your yard has to offer this season, it’ll need to be whipped into shape after the dormant winter months.
Here’s our spring lawn care checklist:

  • Tune up your lawn mower: After sitting idle in your garage or tool shed all winter, your mower will need a little TLC. Check the spark plug, clean, or replace the air filter, change the oil, and get the blade sharpened. 
  • Clean up debris: In the spring, your yard will play host to fallen leaves, sticks, twigs, and other debris. If not removed, this layer of plant scraps can smother your lawn and leave unsightly dead patches. Clearing this refuse also makes way for more effective herbicide and fertilizer treatments.
  • Get a jump on weeds: Pre-emergent herbicides will help fend off annual weeds such as crabgrass before they rear their ugly heads. Pre-emergents are most effective when the soil reaches weed-germination temperature — 58 degrees Fahrenheit in the case of crabgrass. 

Looking Professional Lawn Care Near Howell?

Hiring a Howell-based professional lawn care company to help with these lawn tasks is your best bet to get the perfectly manicured lawn of your dreams. In 2-3 applications, you can have grass that’s the envy of your neighbors, and that will entice your family and friends to hang out for a barbeque when the weather warms up.

Noticeable results guaranteed! If you’re not satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply call us; we’ll make it right. We are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Request a quote to get started.

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