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Tips for Tackling Broadleaf Weeds

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Are broadleaf weeds taking over your yard?

Are you tired of spending countless hours weeding every spring and summer?

Aside from their unsightly appearance, broadleaf weeds can jeopardize the health of your lawn by soaking up nutrients that would otherwise keep your grass healthy.

Common broadleaf weeds like dandelions are tough to get rid of. We can help! Our tips for broadleaf weed control:

  1. Mowing height: While short grass may have the crisp look of a golf course, it also creates a foundation for future lawn issues like broadleaf weed invasion. Repeated short cuts can cause stress to your turf and weaken the reserves that provide defense against weeds.
  2. Fertilization schedule: To make sure you have a well-balanced fertilization program, make sure to replenish nutrients in your soil. Make sure to schedule fertilizer applications for periods when the grass is actively growing.
  3. Preemergence herbicide: The best time to apply a preemergent herbicide is in early spring. That way, the chemicals are able to take effect before perennial weeds like dandelions and broadleaf plantain begin to produce seeds.
  4. Hire a professional company for weed control: The best way to ensure you get rid of pesky weeds is to hire a company to regularly treat your lawn. Two applications per year can make sure your lawn looks its best and stays healthy and lush year-round.

At Ever So Green, we have a lawn fertilization program that will fit your needs. Do you have a compacted lawn with crabgrass and lots of exposure in the wintertime? Try an early fertilization, crabgrass treatment, and aeration in March or April, a mid-summer fertilizer in July or August and a turf winterization in October or November.

Broadleaf weeds taking over your lawn? Try fertilization plus broadleaf weed control in May and September. Whatever you need to keep your lawn healthy and fertilized, Ever So Green can provide it. Our expert staff has been serving the Livingston County area for over twenty years. We’re licensed and insured with certified technicians.

Whether you know exactly which problems you need addressed with your lawn fertilization schedule or have no idea where to start, we’ll assess your needs and guide you through the options. Our goal is to give you a beautiful lawn that requires as little maintenance as possible. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

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