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Enhancing Curb Appeal: How Professional Lawn Fertilization and Grub Control can Transform Your Home's Exterior

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Do you find it hard to keep your lawn looking lush and green?

Does your lawn need a makeover?

Dry brown spots and bare patches on the grass negatively impact the curb appeal of your home. Even if your house is in pristine condition, a worn-down lawn will make your home look less polished. The key to lush green grass is professional fertilization and grub control. 

Professional Fertilization

Your grass needs the proper nutrients to grow full and green. Lawns leech nutrients over time, meaning they can become deficient rather quickly. It can be difficult to keep up with your lawn’s nutrient needs if you’re not a professional. Ever So Green creates custom fertilization plans, so your grass gets exactly what it needs to thrive. Proper fertilization prevents your grass from thinning and getting dried out and crunchy.

Grub Control

Grubs eat roots, which creates spongey brown spots on your lawn. Professional grub control extends your lawn’s life and keeps your grass looking strong and healthy. The best months for grub control are June and July.

Restore your Home’s Curb Appeal with Professional Lawn Care in Howell

Ready to enhance the curb appeal of your home?

Our team of lawn care professionals can help restore your lawn’s health and beauty! For more information on fertilization and professional lawn care in Howell, call (517) 540-1100 or request a quote.

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