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DIY Lawn Fertilization vs. Hiring the Pros

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Do you manually fertilize your lawn?

Do you know if you’re fertilizing correctly?

Anyone who does DIY lawn fertilization knows that it’s not always a quick and easy task. It’s both time consuming and physically taxing. Hiring a professional lawn care company to fertilize your lawn takes out the stress!

If lawn care isn’t your passion, it may be time to hire the pros. Here are a few ways professional fertilization can outshine DIY:

The pros properly apply the correct fertilizer. Not all lawns have the same fertilization needs. Applying the incorrect type or amount of fertilizer can be harmful to your lawn. Professionals know what kind of fertilizer your lawn needs, and how to correctly apply it. Don’t risk damaging your lawn - hiring professionals means you know the correct type of fertilizer was used, and that it was timely and correctly applied.

DIY fertilization is difficult. Lawn fertilization isn’t just sprinkling fertilizer on the grass. Proper fertilization requires a large machine that can be difficult to use. Not only that, but even basic fertilization requires knowing how to mix fertilizers correctly before putting them on your grass.

The pros save you time and stress. Effective fertilization requires sticking to a schedule. Even a small lawn can take hours of care per month to maintain. When you hire the pros, you don’t have to worry about missing a fertilizer application or rushing to apply too much in a short span of time.

DIY fertilization doesn’t save much money. Buying the correct amount of product to care for your lawn will usually end up being close to the cost of a professional lawn care plan. You can buy cheap fertilizer, but cutting corners could mean poor results.

Hire a Fertilization Company in Howell

Are you ready to stop stressing over lawn fertilization? Ever So Green is a fertilization company in Howell with certified and licensed technicians. Give us a call at (517) 540-1100 or request a quote here!

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