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What Causes Brown Patches on Your Lawn?

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When it’s finally nice enough weather to sit outside and enjoy your yard, it can be discouraging to see dead patches.

What do dead patches mean? Can you get rid of them?

You probably ask yourself questions like these every spring and summer. The good news is you can restore the beauty to your lawn with the right methods and materials.

Diagnose the Cause

Brown spots are not only ugly, but could be the sign of a larger issue. Some common reasons you might see dead patches are:

  • Fungus – A fungal disease could occur because of wet conditions, poor air circulation, or lack of sunlight. These can all cause unsightly brown patches.
  • Chinch bugs – These bugs cause a reaction that’s often confused with lawns suffering from drought. As the grass dies, the bugs will move to the perimeter, causing dead patches to spread.
  • Grubs – Because grubs feast on roots, a lawn that’s infested with grubs will feel spongy or be easy to pull out. In spring and early summer, overly saturated soil is a magnet for grubs.
  • Improper mowing techniques – If your mower blades are too low or too dull, the grass blades can be damaged and cause bare patches.
  • Pets – Dogs or cats that use the lawn as a bathroom can cause dead patches over time.
  • Salt – In Michigan and other cold climates, salt is often thrown haphazardly after shoveling. Brown patches can appear in areas where salt comes into contact with the grass once the snow melts.

What’s the Solution?

Fertilizing and weed control by a professional lawn care company is the best way to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your lawn weed-free, green, and lush! Let’s face it: sometimes the experts just know best!

If you’ve done everything you can think of to cure your lawn of brown patches, it’s time to call Ever So Green for a diagnosis.

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