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Last Minute Tips for Turf Winterization

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Have you noticed your lawn growth slowing down as the temperatures drop?

Are you wondering how to help your lawn survive another unpredictable Michigan winter?

If it hardly feels like you’ve had time to enjoy fall, you’re not alone! Fall is colder earlier this year, and some of our surrounding areas have already seen their first snowfall. Thank goodness it’s not sticking! Don’t put your lawn mower away just yet; we may have a few more warm days ahead.

If you’re thinking about that last mow of the season and wondering what else you could do to help your lawn survive the cold, look to your local lawn care companies in Howell. We know what it takes to keep your lawn healthy over the winter so it can thrive in the spring.

What Type of Winterization Do Lawn Care Companies in Howell Recommend?

The best time to winterize your lawn is typically October or November. That may seem like a broad timeframe, but you know Michigan weather can be unpredictable. Aim for the last 50–60-degree soil temp days. You want to winterize before the ground freezes and the grass goes dormant.

So, check the weather for those last warm days and follow these winterizing tips:


Grass that’s too long over the winter can collect mold and spread disease. One last mow before it snows keeps it short enough to resist disease over the winter. However, the cold can overstress grass that’s cut too short. The best grass height to overwinter is 3 ¼ inches.
Grass growth slows down when temperatures stay below 40-50 degrees. It’s best to stop mowing when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Also, when mowing, take a few minutes to pull any weeds before they have a chance to seed your lawn.


One way to give your lawn a leg up in the spring is to fertilize it before freezing temperatures and snow cause it stress. Many popular types of grass prepare for winter by absorbing nutrients and strengthening their root systems. Fertilizing in the fall gives them an extra dose of nutrients to help them stand strong against the cold.


Aerating your lawn opens up the grass and loosens the soil, making it easier for nutrients and water to penetrate down to the roots. The result is a healthier lawn. Aeration is especially important if your lawn gets a lot of traffic in the spring and summer, which compresses the soil.


Leaves and other debris that sit on top of your lawn all winter trap moisture, reduce air circulation, and block sunlight from reaching the ground. The result can be dead spots and snow mold, a type of fungi that can kill grass and roots. You won’t know your lawn has snow mold until spring, when you see large pink or gray mold circles in your grass. To keep your lawn healthy as possible over the winter, rake leaves, fallen branches, and dead plants off your lawn before the snow flies.


The warm ground and cool air in fall are prime conditions to plant grass. Seed any bare spots for new growth and thicken the healthy areas by overseeding. The seeds still have time to develop roots before winter, and you’ll see a thicker, greener lawn in the spring.

Lawn Care Services for a Healthy Lawn

Maintaining a healthy, green lawn is a year-round job. Every season brings unique challenges. We’ve been caring for lawns in the Howell area year-round since 1997. We’re passionate about healthy lawns and convenient, high-quality service. Contact us for winterizing or request a quote for year-round service. We guarantee you’ll love how your lawn looks after it's taken care of by a professional lawn care company in Howell!

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