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Autumn Lawn Preparation—Lawn Care Tips for the Fall Season!

Are you wondering what you should be doing to take care of your lawn in the fall?

Keeping up with lawn care throughout autumn keeps your grass green and healthy for the rest of the year. It’s essential for maintaining your lawn over the winter! 

Learn how to maintain your lawn this fall with these tips from one of the top professional lawn care companies in Livingston County!

  1. Take care of the falling leaves that pile up on your lawn! Mulch dry leaves into tiny pieces by running over them with a lawnmower – or rake them up the old-fashioned way. If leaves pile up, they’ll block sunlight and smother your grass!
  2. Fertilize your lawn! Grass absorbs more nutrients in the fall to prepare for the winter months. This makes September and October a great time to give your grass extra nutrients to help it thrive through the winter.
  3. Take care of weeds—weeds are also going into a high-absorption mode to prepare for the winter, meaning that any weed control you use will be more effective. Many weeds undergo a second bloom and drop another round of seeds in the fall. To protect your lawn, dig them out or use herbicide before they bloom.
  4. Patches of lawn often die in the summertime, which is why you should reseed any dead patches in the fall to let grass grow back before the cold months. 
  5. Don’t stop mowing! Keep cutting your grass to a height of 3 inches until the first freeze of winter, when it stops growing. Mow when the grass is long rather than following a calendar schedule.

Looking for Lawn Care Companies in Livingston County? 

Let our experienced professionals handle your fall lawn preparations! We can meet your lawncare needs, from fertilizing to de-weeding to aerating! 

We’re a family-owned lawn care company in Livingston County and our mission is to provide our customers with professional, high-quality services that keep our clients satisfied. If you need lawn care services, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote today!

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