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Treatments for Common Lawn Issues and Diseases

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Do you wish your lawn was as green and lush as a golf course?

Have you tried everything to get rid of unsightly brown patches, or spots that don’t look right?

There are so many lawn issues that may appear from time to time in your yard. If you’re tired of playing the guessing game with identifying your turf issue and choosing the right treatment plan, we can help.

Here are some of the major issues that affect lawns in Michigan:

  1. Grubs: Signs you may have grubs include a spongy lawn (if grubs have been feeding on your grass, it may feel spongy underfoot, like walking on freshly laid sod); dying grass (grubs eat the roots of your lawn, resulting in grass that thins, turns yellow, and eventually dies); and finally, patchy lawn (random patches of dead, brown grass will appear in your yard where grubs have been feeding).
  2. Sod web worms: The caterpillar stage of lawn moths, are a pest of bluegrass lawns in Michigan. Damage by these worms usually first appears as small, brown patches of closely clipped grass. An insecticide may be used to manage damage from these pests.
  3. Brown patches: Brown patches could indicate a variety of issues such as a fungal disease, bugs and grubs, improper mowing, spots from pets, or over-salting in the winter.
  4. Dollar spots: These spots are round, bleached-out or straw-colored spots, ranging from the size of a quarter to a silver dollar. Spots appear as sunken areas of the turf, and fluffy white mycelia can be seen when fungus is actively growing. Adequate nitrogen fertility is important in managing this lawn disease, and light and frequent applications can be used to improve your soil’s nitrogen levels.
  5. Rust: Just like it sounds, rust diseases appear as yellow to dark brown infestations that, from a distance, make it look like orange or yellow rust spots on your lawn. You may even notice a rust color on the underside of your lawn mower when this disease is prevalent. Like with dollar spots, proper irrigation and nitrogen levels in your soil can often eliminate this common problem.
  6. Red Thread: Red thread is a disease of slow growing turf. Red and coral-pink strands in your lawn are indications of this fungal disease. Adequate nitrogen levels should be applied in the summer months so that in the fall, turfgrass will be less susceptible to red thread.

The best thing to do to tackle tricky lawn problems is to hire one of the professional lawn care companies in Livingston County. Experts who know the right products and techniques are the best people to take care of your lawn!

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to help temper these issues before they get out of hand.

  • Harsh weather and lots of traffic can lead to thinning grass. Seeding with a turf builder can thicken up your grass and even improve the soil underneath.
  • If you have a generally good-looking lawn with some bare spots, you can treat the spots individually with seed and fertilizer that releases lawn food. First, be sure to remove any dead grass and loosen the soil underneath.
  • Treating brown spots requires a little more care – diagnosing the underlying cause (fungus, bugs, grubs, etc.) – but ultimately can be solved with fertilizing and a steady lawn care routine.
  • Treating the lawn before grubs hatch and before weeds start to sprout is the best way to get pests and weeds under control before the problem starts.
  • Crabgrass is a troublemaker, but this is another weed that can be treated before it appears in the first place. Try a crabgrass preventer in early spring to stop it from sprouting and protect your lawn all season.
  • Stripes of yellow grass usually mean you’ve applied fertilizer wrong – hire the professionals to make sure you’re using the right type of fertilizer and that it’s applied correctly during the right season.

Hire the Pros in Livingston County for Your Lawn Fertilization Needs

We have the knowledge and expertise to get you a beautiful, green and healthy lawn. Unlike other lawn care companies in Livingston County, we have a variety of programs to suit your needs:

  • Full Fertilization Program
  • Fertilization with Crabgrass Control Application
  • Fertilization with Broadleaf Control
  • Summer Fertilization with Spot Weed Control
  • Mid-Summer Fertilization
  • Full Fertilization with Broadleaf Control
  • Turf Winterization

Partial programs and individual applications are available. Service months may vary with weather conditions. New customers receive a 5-percent discount for full program prepayment.

Noticeable results guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply call us; we’ll make it right. We are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Relax and enjoy a beautiful lawn this season while we do the work! We take great pride in delivering expert and professional service to all our customers. Request a quote today to get started!

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