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Summer Lawn Watering 101

We’ve had a hot start to summer in Michigan, with temps reaching near 90 degrees as early as mid-May! When the dog days of summer arrive, it’s important to recognize the signs of heat stress on your lawn.

Proper watering is critical to maintaining the health of your lawn throughout the summer!

  • When to water: For most of the year, your lawn gets enough water from rain. But during unusually dry periods, your turn needs help quenching its thirst. Watering early in the morning is important to keep your grass hydrated. The best time to set up your sprinkler is between 5 and 9am, which allows the grass and soil to properly soak in the water. On the hottest days of summer, try to mow even earlier, before the dew dries. If you can’t water in the early morning, early evening or overnight is the next best time.
  • How much to water: In general, your lawn should receive about one inch of water per week to allow for the best hydration. In the absence of a helpful rain, you need to water your lawn by hand or with a sprinkler system. On the hottest days of summer, as much as two inches of water per week may be necessary. 

Not sure if your lawn is getting enough water? After your lawn is watered, take a long-blade screwdriver and stick it straight into the soil. If your lawn is properly watered, the blade should puncture about 3 inches (in clay soil) into the soil. If the screwdriver has trouble going on, and the soil is hard and dry, your lawn is likely dehydrated.

Remember, overwatering can cause more damage to your lawn than underwatering. You don’t want to drown your grass! Watering your lawn every day can ruin your turf. 

Some signs that you’re overwatering include development of thatch, fungus, weeds like nutsedge and crabgrass, and damage from insects.

On the other hand, signs of a drought include dry patches, visible footprints on grass, and slowed growth. If you notice your lawn has patches of straw-colored grass, it doesn’t spring back up as nicely, or you have to mow less, these are all good signs that your lawn isn’t getting enough water.

Finally, pair your watering schedule with a proper fertilization plan! Over time, lawns tend to leech nutrients, leaving them deficient. For thicker, greener grass, your lawn needs the right nutrition, and that can be hard to manage on your own. Hiring a lawn care company in Livingston County to fertilize is the best option because not only do they know the right type of fertilizer to best feed your lawn, but they’ll manage the proper timing and application that can be hard for the average homeowner to achieve.

Ever So Green Can Help You Achieve Thicker, Greener Grass

Other lawn care companies in Livingston County may just recommend a product and leave you to do the application on your own, or do a “one and done” job that doesn’t give you lasting results. We’re different! We create a lawn care program customized especially for your lawn that will give you a green lawn that lasts.

Noticeable results guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply call us; we’ll make it right. We are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to get a quote and get started!

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