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Picking the Perfect Lawn Fertilization Program for You

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Whether you’re fertilizing for the first time or trying to improve on last year’s lawn care, figuring out lawn fertilization can be intimidating.

How often should you fertilize? And when?

What type of fertilizer do you need?

Every spring home and garden stores are full of folks trying to answer these same questions. Unfortunately, fertilizing your own lawn requires specialized equipment as well as specific knowledge of your lawn’s pH level and grass type (or types.) If you don’t have a specialized spreader or pH kit handy, you might want to join the thousands of Michiganders who use professional lawn care every year. 

Fertilizing the lawn doesn’t have to be an overpriced affair that consumes half your summer. In fact, many people maintain lush lawns with just a few applications throughout the year. The right fertilizer regimen can even provide your lawn with nutrients that will help protect it during harsh winter months. A great lawncare team can guide you to the perfect fertilization routine by assessing a few things:

  • Is your lawn newly installed?
    Newly installed lawns need a little extra TLC to ensure the roots take maximum hold. Our custom starter plan includes a specialized blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash to stabilize your new lawn. 
  • Does your lawn have crabgrass?
    Crabgrass creeps across your lawn in wide-leafed clumps that grow parallel to the ground. It is a pest to an otherwise nice lawn. Crabgrass appears in the lawn from last year’s crabgrass seeds. The best bet to preventing crabgrass is to treat the seedlings before they appear.
  • Are you dealing with broadleaf weeds?
    Typical broadleaf weeds are dandelion, thistle and plantain. These weeds can easily overrun an otherwise lush lawn. Twice yearly treatments can keep broadleaf weeds at bay.
  • Does your lawn get a lot of use?
    If your lawn gets a lot of use (kids running around, ATVs driving through, etc.,) your lawn is likely very compacted and in need of aeration. Compacted soil restricts the flow of air, nutrients, and water to your grass. Aeration loosens the compacted soil, allowing for maximum growth and creating a healthier lawn. 

Tired of Searching "Lawn Fertilizer Services Near Me" Over and Over with No Results?

At Ever So Green, we have a lawn fertilization program that will fit your needs. Do you have a compacted lawn with crabgrass and lots of exposure in the wintertime? Try an early fertilization, crabgrass treatment, and aeration in March or April, a mid-summer fertilizer in July or August and a turf winterization in October or November.

Broadleaf weeds taking over your lawn? Try fertilization plus broadleaf weed control in April and July. Whatever you need to keep your lawn healthy and fertilized, Ever So Green can provide it. Our expert staff has been serving the Livingston County area for over twenty years. We are licensed and insured with certified and licensed technicians.

Whether you know exactly which problems you need addressed with your lawn fertilization schedule or have no idea where to start, we will assess your needs and guide you through the options best suited to you. Our goal is to give you a beautiful lawn that requires as little maintenance as possible. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Lawn Fertilizing Services FAQs

How often does my lawn need to be fertilized?
If it’s done with proper equipment and fertilizer, your lawn should only have to be fertilized 2-5 times a year.

Does every lawn need to be aerated?
We recommend biannual aeration.  It is especially necessary for very compacted lawns.     

If you’re ready to get started with a free quote, give us a call at 517-540-1100 or contact us here.

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