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Beat the Heat: The Importance of Watering and Fertilizing in the Summer

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How do you keep your lawn green in the summer?

How often are you supposed to water and fertilize?

Summer can bring intense heat, evaporation, and drought conditions. The combination of scorching temperatures and lack of rainfall can leave your lawn parched, brown, and vulnerable to disease.

Here's where proper watering and fertilization come in!

Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

During a drought, when natural rainfall is scarce, watering your lawn is crucial for keeping your grass alive. 

Deep Soak: Aim for infrequent but thorough watering sessions. Instead of short, daily sprinkles, give your lawn a deep soak every 3-4 days. This encourages deep root growth, making your lawn more resilient to future dry spells.

Water Early: Water your lawn early in the morning, ideally before sunrise. This minimizes evaporation and ensures the water reaches the roots before the scorching midday sun.

Know Your Grass Type: Different grass types have varying water needs. Research your specific grass to determine the optimal watering frequency and amount.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

While watering is essential, proper summer fertilization provides an extra layer of defense for your lawn. 

Nutrient Boost: Summer fertilizers are made to replenish essential nutrients sucked out by the heat and sun. This strengthens the grass blades and encourages root growth, making your lawn more resistant to drought.

Water Retention: Specific fertilizer blends can help your lawn retain more moisture. This reduces water waste and ensures water reaches the roots.

Weed and Disease Defense: A healthy, well-nourished lawn is better equipped to fight off weeds and diseases that thrive during stressful summer conditions.

Remember: When it comes to summer fertilization, less is more. Go for slow-release fertilizers designed for summer use and follow the application instructions carefully. Overfertilization can damage your lawn.

By following these watering and fertilization practices, you can give your lawn a fighting chance during a summer drought.  A healthy, resilient lawn not only adds beauty to your property but also helps regulate local temperatures and reduces erosion. So, grab your watering can and fertilizer spreader, and give your lawn the TLC it needs to thrive throughout the hot summer months.

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