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Are You Ready for Spring Lawn Care?

If you’ve lived in Michigan for years, you know how rough winter weather can be on your lawn. Months of freezing cold and snow can take a toll on your previously green lawn.

It may be early in 2021, but it’s never too early to start thinking about spring lawn care!

When spring has sprung, make sure you’re prepared with our spring lawn care prep tips:

  1. Clean: When the snow melts, pick up any fallen branches and leftover leaves on your lawn and in flower beds. Rake to give your lawn a lift after the cold weather. This will help promote new growth.
  2. Aerate: Coring holes in the soil to allow air and water to reach roots is a great spring lawn chore. Professional lawn care companies with aerating machines make quick work of this job to get your lawn ready to be seeded.
  3. Seed: When temperatures reach at least 50 degrees, choose a seed blend based on the amount of sunlight your lawn receives, and get seeding! For a more robust plan, hire the pros for a multi-step fertilizing plan that will ensure your lawn is green and lush when the weather really warms up.
  4. Cultivate: Turning the soil in your flower beds and garden beds will promote healthy new growth of plants already in those areas as well as get the soil ready for new planting in the spring. You can do this manually, or hire a company to bring a roto-tiller for large areas.
  5. Mulch: Mulching not only improves the overall look of your yard, but it also retains moisture and control weeds. A weed-blocking fabric should be the first step with mulch coming after to keep pesky weeds at bay.

Spring Lawn Care is a Lot of Work! Need Help?

Hiring a professional lawn care company in Howell to help you take care of these lawn tasks is your best bet to get the perfectly manicured lawn you dream about. In 2-3 weeks, you can have grass that is the envy of your neighbors and that will entice your family and friends to hang out with you in your backyard for a barbeque when the weather warms up.

We specialize in lawn care services that will provide you with a beautiful, green and healthy lawn.

  • Full Fertilization Program
  • Fertilization with Crabgrass Control Application
  • Fertilization with Broadleaf Control
  • Summer Fertilization with Spot Weed Control
  • Mid-Summer Fertilization
  • Full Fertilization with Broadleaf Control
  • Turf Winterization

Partial programs and individual applications are available. Service months may vary with weather conditions. New customers receive a 10% discount off 1st Application. All customers qualify for a 5% discount for full program prepayment.  

To read our full fertilization schedule for the spring, click here!

Noticeable results guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply call us; we’ll make it right. We are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Give us a call today at 517-518-8523 or request a quote to get started.

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