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The Benefits of Professional Lawncare vs. DIY

professional lawn care howell

Instead of spending the hours it takes to maintain your lawn, would you rather do something that you enjoy?

Does your lawn not look the way you want it to, even after all your hard work?

Unless lawn care is a personal passion, most homeowners would rather spend the long, often grueling hours it can take to keep up a lush green lawn doing something else—spending time with family, tackling household chores, sneaking in a nap, etc. 

Even if you do spend ample time taking care of your lawn, it can be frustrating if it still doesn’t look the way you want it to. Without the proper equipment, it’s extremely difficult to achieve a truly healthy, well-groomed lawn.

Let’s look at the ways professional lawn care can help alleviate the stress of DIY care.

Challenges of DIY Lawn Care:

  • Could apply the wrong type of fertilizer, resulting in uneven, patchy grass.
  • Could apply too much fertilizer, which can kill the grass.
  • Treatment may not be suited for the current state of the grass.
  • Difficult to fertilize without proper equipment.
  • Takes hours of manual labor. 

Benefits of Professional Lawn Care:

  • Fertilizer is customized to your lawn, including the specific nutrients that will target weeds like crabgrass and broadleaf, as well as insects like grubs.
  • Professional equipment that ensures consistent treatment.
  • Testing of soil available upon request to determine the exact state of your lawn and what it needs.
  • Gives back massive amounts of time.

Under the care of Ever So Green, your lawn will be not only luxurious, but healthy. Our attention to the health of your grass is what will keep it coming back strong every year. 

Our professional lawn care takes the work out of your hands, giving you a beautiful lawn without the grueling hours of DIY care on your part. 

If you’re interested in professional lawn care in Howell, call us at (517) 540-1100 to find out what services will be most helpful to you, or submit a request for a quote on our website.

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